Notable Pairs 2015-2016 School Year



Brittiany (Chelsea Career & Technical Education High School) and Seendy (Morgan Stanley)

Brittiany (Chelsea Career & Technical Education High School) and Seendy (Morgan Stanley)

Seendy and Brittiany

Morgan Stanley / Chelsea Career & Technical Education High School 

"The Morgan Stanley mentoring program is the best thing that happened to me during my high school career," says Brittiany, currently a senior at Chelsea CTE High School in Manhattan. It's clear that her relationship with her mentor, Seendy, has had a major impact over the three years they have been together. Once paired, they invested time in their partnership and formed a deep bond. Says Seendy, "I strongly believe that mentoring helps young people feel that they are not alone in dealing with life's challenges. I also believe that having an adult (other than a parent or family member) who cares about their well-being and is rooting for their success helps them feel that they matter." 

At first, Brittiany was a shy, talented sophomore who preferred to work alone. Throughout their time together, Brittiany learned how to tackle academic and personal challenges and in so doing, developed a new confidence to solve problems and handle whatever challenges come her way. The pair communicates frequently, meets to explore career options, and discuss college plans. Brittiany now flourishes in groups, forming bonds and friendships with her peers that are life changing. 

Both Brittiany and Seendy feel lucky to have found each other through the New York City Mentoring Program.

Brittiany has also taught me about myself,” says Seendy. “She has taught me that it is important to be passionate about the goals you pursue whether personally or professionally. I feel very lucky to be Brittiany’s mentor.

Likewise, Brittiany says, "Seendy is a woman that I aspire to be like. I hope that this is a friendship that I can keep throughout college and my life. As time passes and I get older, I know that Seendy is a person that I can go to for advice. I'm really glad and lucky that I was paired with such an intelligent and supportive mentor."

We are pleased to announce Seendy and Brittiany as the 2016 Mentor & Mentee of the Year!

Honorable Mention, Mentor & Mentee of the Year 2016

Wacine (Academy of Finance & Enterprise) and Patrick (Citi)

Wacine (Academy of Finance & Enterprise) and Patrick (Citi)

Patrick and Wacine

Citi / Academy of Finance & Enterprise (AOFE)

Patrick and Wacine have been paired with the Citi / AOFE Mentorship Program for three years and since then have formed a solid bond. Wacine, a senior at the Academy of Finance & Enterprise in Long Island City, Queens, says that his mentor Patrick "is someone who I can come to for answers to my problems, ranging from mind-boggling questions in chemistry to life's complications. This partnership was not just a mentor to mentee bond; the feeling was as if I were meeting one of my older brothers."

Patrick sees the program as a way to give back. "I have had several mentors throughout my career that have had meaningful, positive impacts on my life, and I was eager to join the Citi - AOFE program to share some of the lessons I've learned, and hopefully have a positive effect on a young person's life. The experience, not without its challenges, has been overwhelmingly positive. Wacine's openness to learning from our conversations and interactions has taught me very much about remaining humble and open to advice myself!"

Together, the two enjoy recreational activities including playing sports, experiencing art and culture by visiting New York area museums, as well as discussing careers and college life. They have worked on improving Wacine’s communication skills, punctuality, prioritization, and follow through. In addition, they have worked on resume building and interviewing skills that Wacine can use for the rest of his life.

Patrick introduced me to many different ideas, such as where I may want to head in life, and what are my short term goals.
— Wacine, mentee

The relationship has had a positive impact on each of their lives. Patrick admires Wacine’s ability to remain balanced while excelling in school, holding a job, and enjoying extracurricular activities. "I have a world of respect for Wacine and what he has accomplished thus far, and I cannot wait to see where he goes from here." 

We are pleased to announce Patrick and Wacine's Honorable Mention for the 2016 Mentor & Mentee of the Year.