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How to Become a Partner:

Our partners - businesses, associations, and organizations - provide meaningful mentoring experiences for New York City public high school students. Each partner recruits mentors from within the company to volunteer for a full school year at a selected public high school. Only groups of at least 15 or more volunteers, all from the same organization, are accepted into the program.

Sample Timeline:

  • Spring: The partner organization meets with our staff to discuss goals: how many mentors will be recruited? when will mentoring take place? what is the program budget? Once a school match is decided, planning for the new school year begins.

  • Spring/Summer: The selected organizational mentor coordinator meets with school administrators to finalize goals and objectives. The mentor coordinator recruits mentors from within the organization and starts the application process.

  • Early Fall: Selected mentors are provided training, and are screened (reference and fingerprint checks) for safety measures. Mentors are matched with students who apply for and have parental permission to join the program. A kick-off event is held where mentors meet their mentees and schedule their mentoring sessions.

  • Fall/Winter/Spring: Mentors and students meet for at least four hours each month and participate in a variety of academic, career-focused, cultural, and social activities together.

We only accept mentors affiliated with partner organizations. Are you part of an organization that wants to get involved? Contact us and become our newest partner! Share our Mentoring Brochure with your organization.

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