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Notable Pairs 2013-2014 School Year

Bin & Ivanna


Winners, Mentor & Mentee of the Year 2014

Bin and Ivanna have been paired since last school year. At first Bin and Ivanna were nervous that they wouldn’t be the right fit for each other and were weary to meet each other. As time went on, not only were they proven to be a great fit together but both also realized the importance of their mentoring relationship. This mentoring relationship has taught Ivanna how to be more organized with school work and to achieve her goals. Bin also gains a lot from the mentoring relationship. Bin recalls one of their favorite activities together, a Manhattan Theater Club Family Matinee. Bin was nervous to speak in front of a classroom of people and Ivanna told her to open up to the new experience and helped Bin relax. It was as if their roles had been reversed. Both are happy to be in each other’s lives and have learned a great deal from their relationship.

Rachel & Melanie

Honorable Mention, Mentor & Mentee of the Year 2014

Rachel and Melanie were paired in the fall of 2011. They are described as one of the strongest pairs in the High School of Economics/Young Professionals Mentoring Program. This pair rarely misses any group outings and meets up with each other a few times a month. They have attended baseball games, taken cooking classes, gone on historical scavenger hunts in Manhattan and more. One of their most memorable experiences was a bowling event. Melanie was selling candy for a school fundraiser and shyly asked Rachel to buy one. Rachel not only purchased the candy, but she coached Melanie on how to sell them to everyone at the event and eventually helped raised $140 over the course of an hour.  They both feel lucky to have found a connection in an unlikely way and look forward to continuing that relationship for many years to come. 

Michael & Andre


Honorable Mention, 2014 Mentor~Mentee of the Year

Michael and Andre have been paired for a year and a half. Both share a common love of track and Mike has even attended one of Andre’s track meets. Andre ran a spectacular 400 meter race for his team and ran a personal record time. Mike was incredibly proud of his accomplishments. Mike also encourages Andre to better himself through tough times and helps Andre with his SAT preparation. Andre says, “During SAT preparation with Mike, I would get discouraged by the questions because I would get many questions wrong. With Mike’s swift words of encouragement, I was able to build confidence and stay motivated.” Andre feels more encouraged and optimistic about the future after being matched with his mentor Michael.


Nicole & Eddylie

Nicole and Eddylie have been working together since the fall of 2011. Eddylie and Nicole were paired because of their shared career interests but their relationship has grown far beyond. Nicole is an interior designer and that is the career Eddylie is working towards. Eddylie says, “Seeing an adult be passionate about the career I one day hope to have, I too become passionate and inspired.” Eddylie and Nicole spend a couple of hours a week together and have done some wonderful activities including visiting museums, eating in restaurants, and enjoying a bike ride through Central Park. This was one of their most memorable activities because they rented bikes and rode all around Central Park. Nicole describes this activity as a metaphor for life and what she tries to teach Eddylie, “When life gets hard or your goals aren’t always easy keep pedaling, don’t stop when things get hard. I always try to teach her that she can achieve anything!


Jesse & Jevani

Jesse and Jevani have been paired as mentor and mentee for approximately a year and half. Jesse and Jevani not only build each other up but also provide leadership to the other students involved in the program. Jesse has helped Jevani clarify his goals and has assisted him with the college application process.  Jevani and Jesse see each other regularly because Jevani now works as a part-time IT support assistant at Cleary Gottlieb. They often run into each other and start talking in the hallways like old friends. They also regularly attend mentoring events together including ice skating, bowling, movie nights, and game nights. Both have learned a lot from this mentoring relationship. For Jevani, the program has provided him with significant ongoing coaching and advice with respect to his studies, career development and personal relationships. 


Petula & Amanda

Petula and Amanda have been paired for three years. Their relationship started off a little rocky because they originally thought that they had nothing in common. However as time went on they found common interests and Amanda realized that Petula was a great role model who exemplifies the person she wants to be, “a woman who can juggle a successful career with a full time job of her own – being a mom.” Not only has Petula been able to help Amanda in her path to success, but Amanda has been able to assist Petula when her daughter was interested in more information about the specialized middle school and high school entrance requirements. Amanda will be the valedictorian of her class and hopes to become an inspiration to others as Petula was for her. 

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