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Notable Pairs 2017-2018 School Year
Evan and Dudley

HBO / Frederick Douglass Academy

Winners, Mentor & Mentee of the Year 2018

"When I was first paired with Dudley three years ago, there was one thing above all else that impressed me about him: his optimism," says Evan, a mentor with HBO. "I've never seen him without a smile on his face and the determination of spirit to overcome every obstacle."

Paired in the mentoring program for three years, Evan and Dudley have developed a unique and beneficial friendship.

"What I admire most about Evan is his tenacity and generosity. During the time I've known Evan, I noticed that he really did care about my well being and success," says Dudley, who credits his HBO mentor for tremendous change in his life: growth of confidence, improvement in grades, and improved social skills. 

Evan inspired Dudley to help lead Frederick Douglass Academy mentoring program meetings and helped new mentees navigate travel to HBO. He also inspired Dudley to develop his love for photography, graphic design, and a career in music. Dudley’s favorite experiences include a NYU acting workshop, seeing a play together, and applying to a music production program at City College. 

Evan recalls seeing Dudley perform in a series of short plays written by him and other NYC teenagers, “To see him fulfilling a dream of his and hear the words he helped write was an incredibly powerful experience.”

Dudley has opened his eyes to the importance of listening and getting to know people from diverse backgrounds and cultures to understand what drives people and our world. Neither Evan nor Dudley takes their relationship for granted; both see each other as a source of brightness and lifelong friend.

We are pleased to announce Evan and Dudley's Award for the 2018 Mentor & Mentee of the Year.

Leslie and Hang

Financial Women's Association / High School of Economics and Finance

Honorable Mention Winners, Mentor & Mentee of the Year 2018


"I have met two people in my lifetime who embody kindness. Hang is one of those people," says Leslie, a mentor with the Women's Financial Association. "She is a leader in every sense of the word, forging her own way. She is fearless. What she has achieved as an immigrant in the short time she has been in the U.S. is truly outstanding. I am so very excited to watch the woman she is becoming."

Hang was a shy but hopeful rising sophomore who was just so glad to have stumbled through her first year of high school. She thought of herself as an awkward adolescent who would never have guessed that she would get to know the person that she now calls her second mom. As a result, she has been able to overcome her "shyness and insecurities and developed into a person who is much more confident, outgoing, and powerful."

"High school mentoring continues to give me the opportunity to give back to others who may not have been as fortunate as I have been or who don't know how our educational system works. [Mentors] have the privilege of shepherding them through this process." Leslie has enjoyed learning about the Chinese culture from Hang. "I am so incredibly fortunate to have her in my life. It has become a wonderful love story."

We are pleased to announce Leslie and Hang's Honorable Mention for the 2018 Mentor & Mentee of the Year.


Christy and Kimberly

Citigroup / Academy of Finance and Enterprise

Honorable Mention Winners, Mentor & Mentee of the Year 2018

"I have known Kimberly since her sophomore year and I believe that being a part of the Mentoring Program helped her to become more confident, assertive, and self-assured. I've come to know Kimberly as an intelligent, courageous, insightful, focused, and opinionated young woman."
Kimberly has expressed her gratitude that she has a menor that she can trust and help her make important decisions about the future. The pair worked together on Kimberly's resume, college applications, and interviewing skills. Christy also helped Kimberly open her first bank account and get her first job. 
 "I tell her everything and her opinion is very important to me. Throughout the years of being Christy's mentee I've gained self-confidence in my academics, [which] helped me achieve all my goals."
For fun, the pair participated in museum visits, read-alouds, baseball games, and financial literacy sessions. They also volnteered to help others, including serving food to people in need at the Fall Family Feast at Jacob Riis Settlement House. "She is always willing to help her community and despite her own struggles, she understands the importance of impacting others in need. She does all of this with a smile on her face and an eagerness to lift those who are most vulnerable. I have never met a young person with such tremendous appetite to succeed in life. She is more than a mentee, she is my sister."
 We are pleased to announce Christy and Kimberly's Honorable Mention for the 2018 Mentor & Mentee of the Year.


Katie and Rawdah

NYU Law Women / Hillcrest High School

Honorable Mention Winners, Mentor & Mentee of the Year 2018

"We were a good match from the beginning. I could quickly see that Rawdah was extremely caring, intelligent, and ambitious; those qualities have only strengthened since I've gotten to know her over the past couple of years."

Kate, a mentor from NYU Law Women, feels inspired having had Rawdah as her mentee since February 2016. The pair participated in many memorable activities together, including a trip to the Queens Center Mall, where Katie had never been before, but where she was able to witness what Rawdah's life was like outside of Manhattan.

Rawdah has been able to find her inner voice from having Katie as her mentor. "Katie went beyond simply recommending the [Model United Nations class]; she assisted me through countless research papers and speeches, encouraging me to achieve [my goals]." As a result, she was rewarded the opportunity to chair a conference hosted by her school.

"Katie has given me the encouragement and the skills necessary to get as far as I have; more importantly, she helped me see how far I want to go in life."

Katie believes that "mentoring is extremely important for both sides. Mentoring allows me to reflect on my own experiences and distill down the importance of them."

We are pleased to announce Katie and Rawdah's Honorable Mention for the 2018 Mentor & Mentee of the Year.


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