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Our Program

Who We Are

The New York City Mentoring Program (NYCMP) works with businesses, organizations, associations, and government agencies to develop successful mentoring partnerships with public high schools throughout New York City. Coordinated by the Department of Education's Office of Strategic Partnerships, the NYCMP’s framework for mentoring relationships is designed to broaden the horizons of high school students and to help them navigate diverse educational, social, and professional situations.

Mentors serve as role models and friends the students can look to for guidance. They offer career exploration, facilitate conversations about goal-setting, provide advice on schoolwork and the college admissions process, and lead activities that tap into the city’s vast cultural resources.

Our mentors are caring and concerned adults from a variety of backgrounds and professions who meet the Department of Education's application, training, and screening requirements. They commit to mentoring for at least one school year, meeting with their mentees for a minimum of four hours per month.

What We Do

Since 1983, The New York City Mentoring Program (NYCMP), an initiative of the NYC Department of Education, has connected tens of thousands of high school students with responsible volunteer mentors from local businesses, organizations, and associations to help youth navigate a variety of educational, social, and professional situations.

The NYCMP now serves more than 1,200 participants in over 25 high school partnership programs across the five boroughs each year. The NYCMP model is a structured school-initiated approach to the traditional mentoring relationship between adults and young people. High school students are matched with adult mentor volunteers from their school's partnering company or organization. Typically, mentor volunteers within our partner organizations provide one-on-one after-school mentoring to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

The New York City Mentoring Program supports these individualized partnerships by providing training and technical assistance, administrative support, mentoring resources, and guidance to student mentees and their mentors, as well as school and mentor coordinators.

Why It Matters

We believe access to responsible adult role models from local businesses, organizations, and associations can make an indelible impact on the personal and professional development of high school students. Ultimately, these inspiring adult mentors will help students to realize their potential in school, at work, and in life.

Mentors meet in person with their mentees four hours a month to:

  • Help mentees graduate from high school, provide college preparation, and plan for life after graduation
  • Expose mentees to the world of work and equip them with the skills necessary to succeed in the workplace
  • Help mentees understand the goal-making process by working together to set and achieve mutually agreed upon goals
  • Create long-lasting, meaningful relationships that introduce menteesto new experiences

Our Results

During the 2015-2016 school year, NYCMP matched nearly 600 high school students in 29 high schools with adult mentors from 25 businesses, organizations, and member associations from around the city. During that school year:

  • 98% of Mentees graduated from high school
  • 96% of Mentees enrolled in college
  • 88% of Mentees learned about different career options from their mentors
  • 99% of Mentees reported they are glad they became a mentee
  • 94% of Mentors reported they benefit from participation in the program 

The mentoring program has helped me tremendously, it has helped me shape my future and my decision on going to college. I appreciate the program and all of the mentors.” –Mentee 

“I am very happy to be a part of the mentoring program, and I am extremely happy to know my mentee, who is an absolutely wonderful young woman who is intelligent, curious about the world, and full of kindness.” –Mentor

“I am so lucky to be a part of the mentoring program at my school. All the mentors pitch in and help with all of the mentees. I know that they all have my back, and are willing to help in life, career, and school. It means the absolute world to me.” –Mentee

Pictured on this page:  NYCMP staff members: (clockwise) Outreach Coordinator Gianni Lopez, Program Director Lori Mastromauro, and Program Assistant Karen Velesaca (top photo); 2015 Mentor-Mentee of Year Sofia Rahman and Lynjean Quilang (bottom photo)

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